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1-800-800-Gutters FAQ

The Most Common Gutter Questions.

How often should you clean your gutters?

At least twice each year. If you have pine trees or trees that continually shed a lot, they may need to be cleaned quarterly.

How much should you expect to have your gutters cleaned properly?

This depends on the size of your home and how much guttering it has. A small one-story home with a relatively flat roof and a minimal amount of guttering will average under $75. If your home has more than one story or steep roofs, it may cost around $200. If it is a very large home, it may be upwards of $500.

How long should my aluminum gutters last?

Aluminum gutter manufacturers claim that you can get at least 20 years out of aluminum gutters. If they’re well-maintained, they can last up to 30 or 40 years.

What are some common gutter materials other than aluminum?

Other than aluminum, the two most frequently-chosen are copper and galvanized steel. Copper is virtually indestructible but more expensive because it offers an aesthetic accent to high end structures. Galvanized steel is comparable in price to aluminum, but they will eventually rust.

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters consist of one continuous piece of guttering per side that is made by a gutter machine brought to the job site. Sections do not have the weak points which may succumb to wear and allow water to leak out and drip down.

How do you know how many downspouts are needed?

Downspouts are where the runoff water flows so that it can empty onto the ground. A typical recommend is to have a downspout for every 20 to 30 feet of gutter.

What degree of sloping is necessary towards the downspouts?

Gutters should slope about a half inch for every ten feet in length. For gutter runs greater than 40 feet, it is ideal to pitch the slope from a centerpoint down to a downspout at each end.

How far apart should gutter hangers be spaced?

Gutter hangers should be no closer than 36″ apart. However, in areas where ice and snow tend to last and create the weight of icicles, hanger spacing should be reduced to 18″ for added structural support.

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